Massage should not just be considered as a luxury pamper yourself treatment.  
Your muscles from the tips of your toes right up to the top of your head are working hard every single day whether it be from standing on your feet all day long or sitting at your desk.  
Not only are the muslces working away but your mind also needs that time to relax. Scientific research has shown that massage can boost both serotonin and dopamine by about 30 percent, giving us a natural mood boost. 
Getting the right massage can: 
help alleviate muscle tension and soreness, 
improve circulation and energy levels,  
improve flexibility and motion, 
boost immune function, 
most importantly helps release tension in the mind 


30 min Back & shoulder £35 
30 min legs & feet £35 
60 min full body £50 
60 min deep tissue £60 
75 min full body £65 
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