Scalp Micropigmentation What is SMP Scalp micropigmentation? 

Scalp micropigmentation is a non invasive, permanent treatment to target hairloss. Micropigmentation is a process of having your scalp cosmetically tattooed with tiny dots to create the illusion of healthy, natural hair folicales. The dots add density to the hair which can help camouflage areas of hair loss or thinning hair. 
SMP is becoming a more desired alternative treatment for hairloss solutions to create more natural enhancements for both men and women.  


Many men and women suffer from traumatic hair loss for many reasons such as hormonal changes, vitamin deficiency and over use of hair products and equipment. 
People often do not opt for hair transplant and may use a variety of hair loss solutions to combat their hair loss. These can be highly costly and time consuming with little temporary improvements. Sometimes, certain methods can also exacerbate natural hair loss i.e. weaving.  
Scalp micropigmentation provides an instant, permanent and non-invasive solution, by providing an illusion of thicker hair, bridging the gap between the hair and bare scalp. 


Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) cannot give you your hair back. However, what it does do is create the appearance of hair follicles on the scalp. For patches of hair loss, SMP builds density so the scalp beneath the thinning areas is less visible or not visible at all. For full baldness, an entire head of tattooed hair follicles is created so the client looks as though they have voluntarily opted to shave their head. As the shaved head look has been made popular by several high-profile personalities over many decades, it is now a fashion statement for both men and women.) 

RESULTS when can I see results? 

After the first SMP procedure you are able to see immediate results, however you may need to allow time for your scalp to heal before seeing results. Some clients may need 2 - 3 treatments to acheive their desired results 
1st SESSION - create hair & first fill session 
2nd SEESION - more filling to add density 
3rd SESSION - finish and perfect density 
PRICE: price is dependant of the area being treated and can be discussed upon consultation  
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